We are Divine My Universe and I

My universe and I are always together.  We are friends and lovers,  brother and sister,  mother and daughter, father and son.  I am never alone.  My universe is always with me, warming me like a beautiful warm patchwork quilt that surrounds me always, comforting me.  It is divine and so am I.

We are not separate my universe and I, I am a part of it and it is a part of me.  We share something that I cannot explain, something that is in me and in it and in everyone and everything else that I know.  It keeps my feet on the ground and brings me back to the earth no matter how high I fall.  It is divine and so am I.

My universe is alive all of the time.  It never sleeps.  It constantly moves and changes and stops for no one and nothing.  It breathes along with me and all of the other living things in it.  It always knows the right thing to do and it never fails.  My universe is divine and so am I.

My universe needs no ruler and it cannot be controlled.  It is beautiful and it shows me its beauty in many things.  I see it where the land meets the water and the water meets the sky.  I see it when sunlight twinkles on the sea like sprinkled glitter floating over everything.  I feel it when the ocean breathes with me and soothes my tired soul.  I see it when a white bird glides over the blue, green sea.  I feel it when I am immersed in the soothing salt water of the sea.  I see it when the sun emerges and changes the sky and the air.  I see it when the sun sinks and makes the sky burn red.  It is divine and so am I.

My earth speaks to me in a language I knew before I learned words.  I hear it, I feel it.  I hear it in gorges where there is stillness in stone that knows infinite time.  I feel it in the stone of the earth that has worked with ice and wind and rain to create a beauty that speaks to me.  It is divine and so am I.

My universe takes me to secret places where I can look below into a world of life and creatures that I did not know before, a world full of soft movement and magnificent colours that caress the water and the air.  It allows me to be a part of it and I float and drift along with the swaying waves.  It is divine and so am I.

My universe does not ask anything of me.  It does not know names or language or religion.  It exists in its state of divinity without explanation and needs no articulation. When it exists in this quiet way, making no excuses and answering no questions, it shows me how to be.  It is divine and so am I.

I cannot control my universe and it cannot control me.  We simply exist together in a wonderful world of beauty.  When I let it be, my universe is me and I am my universe and together  we are divine my universe and I.

5 thoughts on “We are Divine My Universe and I

  1. The relationship which you so beautifully describe between you and the universe is a lot like the relationship between my God and I. Our beliefs may be on two completely opposite ends of the spectrum but we are alike in the relationship we have between divinity and ourselves. Despite what you think of my God I believe you would have a wonderful time being a Christian in a deep relationship between you and my God. And despite what you think of my God He loves you. Be blessed my friend. 🙂


    • Thanks for taking the time to read and for your kind words. I think what is important is that people have faith in something and I think it is wonderful that we are able to understand each other’s beliefs and not only that but appreciate the things they inspire in us. I am glad you have so much love and faith in what you believe in. It is not important to me that you see divinity differently or that anyone else does, but it is important that we are sharing ideas and creativity and not debating it, the world would be a much better place if we could all share and accept our different beliefs and I hope one day that will not be the norm for all people. What is most important is that we love and respect our fellow human beings, whatever their beliefs. x


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