We are Divine My Universe and I

One from the archives! My walk in the country today reminded me of this feeling – bliss!

Vhairi Slaven

My universe and I are always together.  We are friends and lovers,  brother and sister,  mother and daughter, father and son.  I am never alone.  My universe is always with me, warming me like a beautiful warm patchwork quilt that surrounds me always, comforting me.  It is divine and so am I.

We are not separate my universe and I, I am a part of it and it is a part of me.  We share something that I cannot explain, something that is in me and in it and in everyone and everything else that I know.  It keeps my feet on the ground and brings me back to the earth no matter how high I fall.  It is divine and so am I.

My universe is alive all of the time.  It never sleeps.  It constantly moves and changes and stops for no one and nothing.  It breathes along…

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