After the Lights Went Out

When the earth is consumed by water on one side and fire on the other and the world is in darkness, man and woman will give up hope and the child will be no more. Innocence will turn to ash and goodness will drown in sorrow.  Life as it is known will end. The good must perish along with the bad. When man discards the earth that he walks on, his spirit falls through his fingers.

All hope lies in a girl who knows only innocence. She will have the power of light but one light is not enough. She must rekindle the dormant flames in those around her and it can only be if the universe wills it so, and if man wills it so and if man believes it can be so. Her own journey will reflect that of the earth and of all of mankind. Like all with the human condition, her innocence will be lost and she will face the pain, the suffering and the cruelness of the world, for all must.

She must keep faith and hope, for faith and hope are as necessary as the earth to life and woman to man. Faith is having hope when there is no reason to have any and hope is having faith when all seems doomed.

Can she remind humankind what faith is? Can she teach the world that what matters is not what man calls his God or how he sees his religion, only that he believes that despite all the odds against him, he will survive and that he lives his life glad to survive and grateful to live.

“Verity, I am not a saviour or a daughter of God” Jo stated, worried she was going to let everyone down.

Verity smiled “Oh but you are both Jo, in the same sense that we all are. You are a human being who is not hopeless. You are life itself – we all are, but every now and again we humans need to be reminded of that. You are the light in the dark, the stars in the sky, the sunlight on the sea, sun in the sky, the rain in the air. Hope is the reason we continue on our journeys every day no matter how difficult life becomes, no matter the loss we suffer or the pain we experience, without it and without you, we will not survive.


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