Monday Inspiration – Be your own hero

Be your own hero

Be your own hero

It’s Monday inspiration time.

This is exactly how I am feeling at the moment.

Perhaps this is my life preparing me for all the times when I am really going to have to be strong.

Victory, when it comes, will be sweet indeed, because it will be all mine.


Night and Day

Then, this overwhelming feeling of love for everyone came over her and she loved the fact that she had taught herself how to experience life this way.  It became so easy to simply exist.  Days ago she was a ball of angst and her fire was roaring.  Now the sun had come out, the fire was kindling and she could not wait to see what the day would bring.  Time to get back to work she thought.

It would always be like this she realised:  night and day.  She accepted that now.  In the depths of the black night, she looked into the nothing and waited patiently for the dawn.  She knew now that it would always come and that before, she had been the cloud that shadowed it.

Let Them Be

Everyone lets you down. I don’t mean to sound sad when I say that, but if you accept it, it makes your interactions with other people much easier and happier.

Other people are not here to do what you want them to or to validate your life. They are here to teach you something, about yourself, about life and about love.

As soon as you stop expecting anything from them, you can enjoy the time you have with them. You can be light and wonderful around them. You can genuinely love them without needing anything in return and you’ll find that people tend to love you all the more for just letting them be.

There are some things I believe and some things I know

There are some things in life I believe and some things I know. I know that there is pain and suffering in this world and I know that there always will be, for me, for you and for every other soul.  I know that I feel that pain and that suffering, but can never take it away, not from me or from you or from anyone else, but as long as my soul is aware I will want to.  I know that there is hate and greed and violence in the world and that time and time again there will be injustice.  I know that every time that happens I will feel anger and pain and I will struggle to accept why it happened.  I know that there will be loss, that there will be death and that every time I lose someone, I will suffer and feel pain, even when it is expected and even if I believe that death is not the end.  I know that no matter what I believe, whether I have faith in one god, ten gods, or none at all, I will feel that pain.  I know that every other being in the world feels that pain.


I know that I will survive that pain.   That other people will survive that pain.  I know that there are some things in life you can change and some things you can’t.  If you can’t change it you must accept that it is a part of your life and you must believe that there is a reason for it.  If you do not believe there is a reason for the pain, the pain will be all there ever is.


I believe we all feel the same pain and the same suffering because we are all the same.  We are all connected to the same particles of energy that make up everything in the world which is why I know what your suffering feels like, which is why I can feel compassion for you, not sympathy, compassion.  This is why I feel pain when I see another human being suffering, why I feel pain when I see an animal suffering, why I feel pain when I see plants and trees and wildlife suffering and why I feel my planet suffering.  I believe that everyone feels this but most people are not aware of it.


When you realise that all the suffering in the world is the same as your own, you realise that it is this bond that ties us all together, and that all that can be left is to feel compassion and understanding for yourself and for everyone and everything else in the world and that somehow when you realise that and you feel that, it makes the suffering different.  It stops being something that you try to escape, to run from or to fight.  It changes from suffering into love and it enables you to feel such love for your whole world and everyone in it that it turns something awful into something good.  It brings us together, and we are kinder to each other because of it.  It makes us do incredible selfless amazing things.  It makes us take risks and make sacrifices.  It makes us humble and caring.  It makes us good and decent.  There would be no opportunity to be any of these wonderful things if there was no pain and no suffering.  Stories would have no heroes.  No incredible beings who face adversity and death and loss and helplessness and keep going on along journeys so hard most people would not even have started.  They keep going because they know the pain and suffering, they push on because they have lost, not because they were born brave, but because they learned to be brave by facing another day after losing things they love.  These stories are no different than the journeys we all go through in life.  I know that facing all that pain and suffering in whatever form it takes in your life and still going on is heroic, is amazing.  I know that the only reason anyone would continue on and keep going is because whether they admit it or not, they believe in something other than nothing.


I believe in everything.  I believe in myself, in my fellow human beings, I believe in my planet and my universe and a divine presence of light that makes everything I perceive appear in front of my eyes.  I believe that my perception of life is defined by the choices I make every second of every day, starting with how I choose to see my thoughts, myself, my surroundings and the other people in my life.  My experience of my life is defined by my understanding of what is around and inside of me.  That changes and grows and lives and dies like the roots of a tree.  I believe that there is beauty all around me, and that there is ugliness all around me, that what I will see is a choice, like the choice between seeing the frightening black abyss of nothing encapsulating everything in the night sky or the infinite number of brilliant white dazzling lights of the stars that are more magical than the most delicate, prettiest fairy lights of my imagination.  I know that I would not see the stars if it were not for the dark matter, and I want to see the stars.  I would not see the love if I did not see the suffering.  I believe that you should accept this.  I believe that you should accept that there will always be both, good and bad, dark and light, love and suffering.  I believe that you should accept that there will always be both, but I also believe it is your duty to yourself as a human being to do whatever you can to ease suffering and to share love.  If you see the stars and someone does not, point them out, describe them the way you see them and remind the person of the light.  If you see someone who has had no love, remind them what that is, smile, be kind, be understanding.  Recognise someone who is suffering, know that you may not be able to help them, but try.  You may not help them instantly, but they will always remember the people who were kind to them, and if enough people show them love, they will start to believe it.  You cannot fix all the problems of the world, but you can learn to understand it, you can fix yourself and by example show other people how to do the same.


I know that I will carry on with my life despite that pain,  that all the other people in the world will keep living every day with that pain, one day after another, one step at a time.


I believe that there is something else after you die.  I believe that my life means something.  I believe that there is a divine power that is in everything and everyone from the stars to me.  I believe that my soul is something which can never die and that has never not existed.  I know that I have felt pain and I know that I will feel it again.  I know that in this life there is love, that I am loved, that I love, that I will be loved and that I will love again.

When Will I Be Free?

“When will I, oh when will I, oh when will I be free?”


“Free from what?”  The wise man said smiling pleasantly.


“Free from myself, I suppose” I said, doubting even me.


“Then who is left my darling child if you are free from me?”


“Not you old man but me” I said, “It’s me who wants to be free.


“But I am you and you are me and I am gladly free, so who is me that isn’t free if I know it is not me?”

Letting Go of the Chains

Everyone is born into an existence, into a class, be it third world, lower class, middle class, higher class or elite.  In these classes there are a set of social rules, a way of living, a standard, a normal way.  It is not only rules, written or otherwise, that you must live by, it is an ethos, a way of thinking, a belief system.  It shapes your opinions and the things you say, the way you feel and within it you feel like your social class is the only one that matters, the most important one and the people from other classes are either alien to you, or your enemy.  Because the other people in your class think the same as you, you think your way and their way is the right way and the only way to see things.

The challenge for every soul is to recognise that these rules and these beliefs are not necessarily true to you.  There is another voice, another way of thinking and feeling, that is true to your true self.  You find it when you are lost, when nothing makes sense to you, when you can’t see the worth or point in your existence.  You hear it when you read or hear certain things and a voice says: “Although this complies with everything that I have been taught, something is very wrong about it.”  You read a newspaper article that is supposedly telling you facts, and although no one has told you otherwise and you have no evidence, you cannot bring yourself to believe that it is true.  That is when you begin to realise that none of what you learned within your social structure is actually what you think or what you believe and you begin a journey to break away from the class that you were brought up within.  You start to break those rules and you say to yourself: “I don’t want these things that my class says I should want.  I don’t want to live by these rules.  I know that separating myself from any human being by class, wealth, colour or country is wrong and although it complies with the rules of my society, it breaks the rules of my own spiritual self”.

You find an energy then, a drive, because when you realise this: when you start listening to your own voice, you see your society as it really is, an idea, an illusion.  You see the boundaries that surround it and only then can you understand that actually, there are no boundaries.  You can go anywhere, do anything and live in any way you want.

You can let the illusion of the chains surrounding you dissolve and you become a part of everything else instead.

You can start by breaking the rules in the smallest of ways.  Simply by saying something other than what is expected, you start to say what you really feel, what you really think.  You don’t like something just because everyone else likes it, you look it, you read it and you make your own decision about it how you feel about it and you are not afraid to say it.  The confusion on people’s faces when you do this is worth it alone.  You start doing things on your own that you never would have before.  You see the limitless potential of the universe and you realise you can do whatever you want.

You can stop talking as though there is nothing you can do about your poverty and the life you were given to start your journey and you can start to say: “You know what, I refuse to accept this.  I will be better.  I will get out of here” and you will say it enough that you will begin to see the opportunities all around you that you never noticed before.  You will stop blaming other people for the circumstances of your existence.  You will look at the people around you and say: “I will be the one that is different”.  You will work at this while everyone else is trying to numb their existence with pointless activities that placate them.  You will strive while others will complain.  You will dream while others will wish.  When you achieve it, others will be inspired and your success in life will begin to awaken them because they will begin to understand.  If they don’t, they will say: “She/he was always different”.  They will separate themselves from you and be sad or angry or envious because they see something they would like to be, but they don’t see that that potential is within them also.

This is true not only for the poorer classes, but for people from every class.  This realisation can happen to everyone, wherever they are from and however they were brought up.  You might have all the wealth in the world but you still feel emptiness, a void, an alienation from the rest of humanity.  You look around yoursef at all the things you have and you think about everything you have been taught and you feel like somehow it is not real.  You feel like how you are with people is an act and that sometime soon, everyone will realise this and turn their backs on you.  When you are on your own you might feel like there is always something missing, you know you are lucky and that you should be happy with your life, but there is a lonliness, a sadness that you cannot shake.  You feel angry because it all just seems like a big fraud.  It is all put on for the benefit of other people.  You don’t know why but you look around you and you begin to hate everything and everyone you see.  You wonder why they can’t see the irony in it all.  You are disgusted by the pure banality of it all.  You feel like you can’t breathe or stretch out or let go.  You feel like a tight fist and the fingers are starting to cramp.  You need to do something loud to wake everyone up.   You want to scream.  You go off the rails.  You break every rule that you can see.  You strip yourself bare and you have to create yourself all over again.

You now know pain and shame and desolation.  You are different.  You will continue to break the wrong rules until you recognise that those rules that are not written down, those ones that condition people’s thoughts and make them push down their feelings are really the ones that need to be broken.  You see another way to be.  You leave this social existence behind and you go out into the world.  You travel, you meet people from different countries, different backgrounds and you see yourself in these people who on the surface are nothing like you.  Without family, social circles, knowledge of wealth or parents or friends, you are finally able to be who you really are.  People are interested in talking you just because you are a new face with a new story.  You are on your own and all you need is people to be kind to you and you always find people who are.  You learn about other people’s lives, you learn to love these other people that you will only spend a very small part of your life with.  You do things you’d never dreamed of doing before.  You learn what is actually necessary to survive.  You run out of money, you have to work just to eat and have somewhere to sleep.  You look around yourself and you actually see the earth you inhabit and you remember it is beautiful.

You may go home and resume your life, but you have changed, you see things differently now.  You say things that challenge how things are right now and know that they can and must change.  Your friends are unsure of how to deal with this change.  The ones that matter will adapt to you.  They learn to love this side of you because they will see you smile and be light in a way you were never able to be before.  You challenge the way people think, you speak out, you make different decisions, you believe in yourself and you go for what it is you really want from life.  It will seem quite a subtle change to other people, however inside a completely new person has emerged, one that knows who he or she is and who is not afraid to say what she or he thinks and one who finally understands and hears her on rules.

Then you will be free and you will continue on your journey with the purpose of truly living and loving life and everything and everyone in it.

Thoughts on Nothing

I have been reading “Nothing” by the New Scientist edited by Jeremy Webb.  Very interesting read.  Some quotes from it that are getting the juices flowing:

“Because of a slight and, to this day, mysterious lopsidedness in the laws of physics, there were roughly 10 billion electrons for every 1 billion protons.  So, after an orgy of annihilation, the universe was left with a surplus of matter, and with about 10 billion photons for every electron, a ration that persists today”.

It probably drives scientists nuts that there are any inconsistences in their theories, however for me, it is comforting.  I love the fact that there are mysteries in the very core of our understanding of what the universe is made of right down to the very composition of matter.  I honestly believe that there is no end to what scientists will discover in particles of energy and matter.

“infinities warn physicists that theories are flawed.”

I truly believe science is simply another way of understanding the universe and people.  It is not necessarily the right one, it is just much more complex than any other way of understanding.  It is however a theory, and not to be mistaken with an undisputed truth.  It is by its very nature constantly disputed and updated.  Many of the theories also reaffirm my own understanding of the universe – i.e. that there is a divine energy that is in everyone and everything from people to animals to plants to the very air and space and the dark matter in between.  For me this is not frightening.  It means to me that the universe exists exactly as it is in a state of infinite perfection.  It was not created therefore it cannot be destroyed.  It just simply is.

“The 3 basic forces that govern the behaviour of all matter – the strong and the weak nuclear forces and the electro-magnetic force – are no more than facets of single “superforce”.

That single superforce, is life itself.  I believe it always was and always will be, although that is a point the scientists will argue about.  Scientists know what happened in the universe during the big bang and from 10 (-35) seconds after it, but they do not know what happened before that and they do not know the answer to the real question – “What caused the big bang?”.

“Who cares about what happened half a second after the big bang?  What about the half a second before” Fay Weldon

No argument about whether the universe was created by a god or whether it created itself can really stand up unless there is some way of knowing not what the result of the big bang was (life) but why was there a big bang and what caused it to happen?  I say if you do not believe that someone or something created the big bang, then something must have existed before it.  It seems to me that the scientists and god worshippers have very little to argue about in terms of existence. In “Nothing”  Physicist Paul Davies talks about a speck from which space emerges but states that:

“The speck does not sit here for an infinite duration.  It appears instantaneously from nothing and immediately expands”.

What a thought.  The speck of space appears out of nothing.  I still cannot get my brain to grasp the concept of the universe simply appearing.  Even from a scientific perspective you must have to believe that something caused the speck to appear or that it was always there.  I think the universe was always there, the nature of it’s existence is simply expansion and evolution.  I understand what the physicists are saying in that if something is expanding, then it must not have always been there and therefore must end one day.  I do not think that you have to accept that.  I think I may be able to accept that something can and has always been in existence in a constant state of evolution.  I believe that something is the universe and I am not entirely convinced that it is expanding.  Since there are galaxies and galaxies and matter beyond them that apparently exist that we have no knowledge of scientifically, could it not be argued that the universe does not necessarily have to be constantly expanding, but constantly changing.  Galaxies exploding changing the composition of mass from one thing to another but the energy always there somewhere?

However to throw a spanner in that thought, another one from Paul Davies:

“There is no possibility of the speck existing through time because time itself begins at this point.”

What if the universe does not know anything about time and it only exists because human beings created the concept?  It may be that it does not exist at all and that we have invented it to make some sense of our existence, like the big bang theory.

Happy to hear other people’s thoughts on existence! Make that your weekly prompt – without having to give any kind of facts or evidence to back it up, what is your understanding of how the universe came to be?


We are Divine My Universe and I

My universe and I are always together.  We are friends and lovers,  brother and sister,  mother and daughter, father and son.  I am never alone.  My universe is always with me, warming me like a beautiful warm patchwork quilt that surrounds me always, comforting me.  It is divine and so am I.

We are not separate my universe and I, I am a part of it and it is a part of me.  We share something that I cannot explain, something that is in me and in it and in everyone and everything else that I know.  It keeps my feet on the ground and brings me back to the earth no matter how high I fall.  It is divine and so am I.

My universe is alive all of the time.  It never sleeps.  It constantly moves and changes and stops for no one and nothing.  It breathes along with me and all of the other living things in it.  It always knows the right thing to do and it never fails.  My universe is divine and so am I.

My universe needs no ruler and it cannot be controlled.  It is beautiful and it shows me its beauty in many things.  I see it where the land meets the water and the water meets the sky.  I see it when sunlight twinkles on the sea like sprinkled glitter floating over everything.  I feel it when the ocean breathes with me and soothes my tired soul.  I see it when a white bird glides over the blue, green sea.  I feel it when I am immersed in the soothing salt water of the sea.  I see it when the sun emerges and changes the sky and the air.  I see it when the sun sinks and makes the sky burn red.  It is divine and so am I.

My earth speaks to me in a language I knew before I learned words.  I hear it, I feel it.  I hear it in gorges where there is stillness in stone that knows infinite time.  I feel it in the stone of the earth that has worked with ice and wind and rain to create a beauty that speaks to me.  It is divine and so am I.

My universe takes me to secret places where I can look below into a world of life and creatures that I did not know before, a world full of soft movement and magnificent colours that caress the water and the air.  It allows me to be a part of it and I float and drift along with the swaying waves.  It is divine and so am I.

My universe does not ask anything of me.  It does not know names or language or religion.  It exists in its state of divinity without explanation and needs no articulation. When it exists in this quiet way, making no excuses and answering no questions, it shows me how to be.  It is divine and so am I.

I cannot control my universe and it cannot control me.  We simply exist together in a wonderful world of beauty.  When I let it be, my universe is me and I am my universe and together  we are divine my universe and I.

How to change the world with a thought


What if how you feel is not just something insular?  What if your feelings have a purpose other than to motivate you alone?  What if how you feel is a frequency that you omit out into the universe that other people can feel?  What if it can influence how other people feel?

Would that not explain why you can leave work in a happy mood, drive home and the minute you get into your home that mood instantly changes before anything is even said if someone at home is angry or sad?

Would that not explain why certain places have a feeling to them?  Would it not explain why at places where something awful has happened like murder or suicide it feels eery?  Perhaps it is not ghosts.  Perhaps you are feeling a frequency that was so strong and that unsettled that part of the universe so much that the feelings that resulted can still be felt years later?

Perhaps this effect that feelings have on others can shape the mood of a house or a town or a country.  The most awful thing that people say about the Holocaust is that so many people, so many good people did nothing.  Perhaps such a massive feeling of helplessness and fear came from the people who were being taken away and killed that it spread over an entire nation and made them act in ways they did not quite understand.  What if another feeling of hatred and a false sense of righteousness swept over the other half of the nation.  It is often called a wave.  What if these two feelings gripped a country and this resulted in a world war.  People visiting Auschwitz often talk of being overcome with feelings of despair and sadness.  Perhaps the feelings of those poor people hang there in the air.

Do you see then how important it is to be aware of your feelings and your ability to shape them?  Your feelings can influence others.  That gives you a power and a responsibility.

The first step to shaping them is to acknowledge all of your feelings and recognise them.  You let them appear and you look at them, especially the bad ones and the ones that hurt, the ones that you have been hiding.  By looking at them you shift the power from them to you.  Then you make a decision about how you want to feel and you make changes.  You fine tune your frequency to one that is in line with the universe.  Then on a person level everything starts to feel right but not only that, you understand why it is right which means you can continue to make the necessary changes throughout your life to stay on this frequency. 

Then you learn that your frequency has the ability to affect others and not the other way around.  So when someone is angry or sad, you acknowledge that but you choose to stay on your own frequency and you make your frequency the strongest one and then you can change theirs.

The truly great people who have existed in the world, the genius’, the visionaries, the artists and the revolutionaries have learned to be on a higher frequency.  A frequency that is so free and so in tune with the universe that they are capable of creating the way the universe creates life.  This is why some people are able to see clearly when things are wrong when the majority cannot and why they constantly challenge what is accepted by others. 

People who crave power also understand this – they want you to be on a frequency that is beneath you.  They want you to work, consume and spend money.  They want you to serve their purpose for the whole of your life.  They have created this imitation frequency that dulls your senses with marketing and advertising that make you want things you do not actually need and that are not real.  Why live the life you truly want to live when you can buy a simulated copy from them to give them money to live the life they want to life.  You can live your whole life doing that and never truly know what really living your own life is.  That is not what the universe wants so it gives you hints and shows you how truly magnificent it can be and if you follow these little clues you can begin to understand and recognise the real frequency of the universe. You can see your world and surroundings as truly wonderful in every single moment.  You learn to love those moments.  Then, only then are you truly living your own life the it is meant.  Then you can fight those people who are trying to control you with every single thought.  Then you can inspire other people to do the same and together you can change the world.