State of mind

I remember the exact moment I took this picture, because this tree completely represents my state of mind at the time. I was in Darwin out of season. I felt alone and vulnerable but I was hanging in there like this little tree.





Ah – good old PMA! I was just talking about this with a colleague today. Some people have it naturally (very rare and special individuals) the rest of us have to constantly work at it. The benefits of practising it are limitless in my opinion!

How do you define it with a photograph? Well, I am going to use this opportunity to post more NYC pictures, since it is a city steeped in historic optimism and what represents that better than the Statue of Liberty? Here is the statue from Liberty Island, the statue as a minute dot on the horizon from the Empire State Building, and a statue of the man who designed it, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi.



Alphabet – NYC

I was in NYC the other week and it should be renamed alphabet city! Funnily enough, it kind of adds to the buzz of the city. I loved New York and it’s diversity. Here are a few alphabet pictures. The car was in Chinatown, the inscription in New York Public Library, Times Square was full of signs and the last picture is of the memorial waterfalls at Freedom Tower, which I thought were incredibly peaceful and touching – the sun thought so too.

Trio: the three sisters

This is a set of mountain ranges in the Blue Mountains in Sydney called the three sisters. Apparently there is a dream time story that says that three sisters were turned two stone to protect them from being kidnapped by a neighbouring tribe of men who wanted to marry them. The myth is probably made up – if that makes sense! Very lovely landscape and views. I always remember the lady who came on our trek across the mountains wearing sandals with flight socks!