Vivid: Nothing as vivid as the sun

I took this photo not long after I got to Australia, and obviously my camera couldn’t handle the brilliant light of the sun.  I loved the effect it had though, it is one of those little mistakes that has created a really cool picture.




Last week I had two days off work and went up to the Highlands in Scotland to do part of the Great Glen Way along Loch Ness. The idea originally came from one of those friends with great ideas they never seem to be able to see through, so I (being one of those people who has to do something once the idea is in my head) went on my own.  I walked 20 miles each day and I have to say it was such a wonderful peaceful feeling.  I don’t know how many times on that walk I looked around myself at the simple beauty of the earth and thought, thank you for showing me this and for allowing me to me appreciate it.    It is little things like the way the light shines on dew drops that make me feel a sense of wonder at this beautiful world I belong to.


If I had created the universe, I would run my fingers along the tops of trees and feel the branches tickle my fingers.  I would blow wind through the fields so that the blades of grass ripple in a Mexican wave.  I would have made every leaf on every tree a different shade of green, orange, red and gold.  In autumn I would shake the trees and make the crisp leaves dance around the air like confetti.  I would shine a million rays of light from the sun so that each one could catch tiny drops of water on branches and make them sparkle like glitter.  I would make the sky look blue in the day so that wisps of clouds float by like ships on the sea.  I would take a flock of birds and release them all at once in the sky. I would make them glide like tiny ice skaters, swirling in the air. I would make planets crash into each other in the sky creating explosions and burning rocks.  Then turn I would turn all the planets around slowly so that when the sun disappears at night the burning stars and decorate the black sky like tiny flames waving from unseen windows.

I would put energy into the cells of everything I created and the energy would be so powerful that nothing would ever die; the cells would simply evolve, adapt and multiply. I would create creatures that can see and hear, give them instinct and brains so that they can work out how to survive themselves.  I would create humans, and give them the gift of awareness as well as the experience of being alive.  I would give them reasoning, knowledge and feelings.  I would make them feel pain and suffering so that they could understand peace and happiness.  I would make them feel alone, so that they could understand what it is to feel together.  I would make them feel afraid so that they know what it means to feel comfort.  I would make them feel loss so that they could appreciate the things that they have.  I would make them feel lost so that they would look around, look up and find me here, loving all of my creations.

I would create a girl and hide all of these beautiful things from her.  I would show her all of imperfections and ugliness in the world. I would show her hate, ignorance and cruelty.  I would make her feel suffocated, confused and unsure of herself.  I would make her love people and then take them away. I would make her feel love and then I would break her heart.  I would push her as far as I could, until she could take no more and then I would call to her. I would speak to her from the mouths of strangers and send her messages in books.  I would make her recognize feelings in paintings and sing to her spirit in songs.  I would tell her to sit still with the hush in the waves of the ocean and entice her with the breathing of the wind in the trees.  I would pull her out into the fields and draw her up to the hills. I would make her stop and look around in every direction and realize that I have been waiting for her here.  In a single moment I would show her that I created her simply so that she could experience and feel the love of being alive.  Then she would understand that the only way she could truly appreciate this was by making her understand it felt when it was missing.  Then I would let her go and watch her as she spreads my love around to everyone she meets.