The Unreliable Narrator: Red Red Wine

I lift up the glass in my hand and swirl the luscious red liquid around.  I take a sip.  My favourite: a Rioja Tempranillo.  It has delicious hints of vanilla that make it taste more like eating a sensual desert than an alcoholic beverage.  Mmmm, I feel good.  I am in my prime, I can feel it; still young enough to be attractive, yet old enough to carry an earned confidence.  I am charming; the words flow from my mouth, as ripe as the grapes in my wine.  I am surrounded by people who love and respect me.

I have a captive audience of willing admirers, who hang on my every word.  No subject is too deep for me: religion, philosophy, theology, ethics.  I am an equal in mind to the people in the group forty years my senior and would you believe that I am educating them?  I talk with such candour, my body poised, my cheeks flushed with life.  I am laughing and cavorting with the very air that surrounds me I have such energy.

That handsome man with the accent and the dark hair is giving me a look that should have a certification.  My, he is an attractive man: tall, dark skinned with luxuriously muscular arms.  I am sure he is simply entranced by me, I can tell by the smile on his face.  I will just have another glass of wine and sit here seductively until he makes a move.  Have I finished that wine already?  Where is the other bottle?  I think I will just go over and speak to him myself, I have the balls for it and he has been looking at me all night.


Oh god, my head is pounding.  Water, I need water.  Surely there will be a glass there beside my bed. Oh.  What is that?  Oh god, I’ve been sick.  I don’t even remember getting home.  The last thing I remember is going over to that French guy.  Something is not right.  I can’t remember what I said to him.  Oh god, I have that awful foul feeling in my stomach, how did I get home?

3 thoughts on “The Unreliable Narrator: Red Red Wine

  1. Wow! Beautifully written! I like how you responded to the prompt. Alcohol definitely brings out the unreliable narrator in all of us 😉 Very good thanks for sharing!


    • I’m glad you liked it. I would have liked to have tried something really different with the unreliable narrator because it is interesting but quite difficult I think! Thanks for commenting.


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