Ready, Set, Done: Foreshadow

I decided today to combine the daily prompt with the weekly writing challenge and have written a short piece about foreshadow which I wrote in ten minutes.  I hope you like it.


I had not even met him yet.  Not in person, but we have been chatting for about a week.  It feels like much longer.  It started out as banter, as flirting, it very quickly escalated.  “Do you want to play a game” I asked.  “Go for it” he said.


He doesn’t want to fall in love, neither do I, yet I can’t stop myself from thinking about him.  Strange, how can you feel anything about someone you have never met.  He is only a few miles away and we are talking about meeting up.  I know that I will meet with him, but there is a part of me that doesn’t want to, that wants to leave it at this nice, fresh, clean place where nothing is known and anything is possible.


This is the best place, not the place where you have obtained the goal, not the part where you see the person in the flesh, but the wondering, the imagining, the dreaming.


No reality is ever as colourful as the pictures in my mind, no face as handsome.  I feel a glow inside of me, I am teasing myself with the possibility of love or lust or whatever it might become.  Other people can see it too because I am more alive than I was before, more hopeful.  It is the hope that makes you feel alive, the hope of something great happening, something unknown.  You know that no matter how wonderful your dreams are or how dark your worries are, reality rarely quite matches them, not if you are the creative type.


I wait for some more of his words.  They are not even romantic words or wonderfully poetic or anything like that, yet I feel a connection.  Can you feel a connection if it is not in person?  I am not sure.  I have never met someone this way before, so whatever happens, it will be an experience.


I will learn.  I am not sure if I will have to learn the same lessons as last time. I am trying really hard to remember the lessons from last time, because those ones were the worst; the ones about love.  You never forget those lessons, you never forget the pain you felt when you were being taught those lessons.  Now, years later, I am ready to try again, to throw myself into the unknown, knowing this time what it means to feel the pain of a broken heart.  Yet still, I wait, eager, but with just a little more patience.










3 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Done: Foreshadow

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