The Ray Bradbury Noun List Twist

In today’s challenge we’ll ask you to write a new post using some nouns from various sources.

I chose some random nouns myself last week: Head, Mirror. Lights, Desk, Chin, Mountain, Duvet, Grass, Girl, Dream.  Tonight I wrote a short story with them.

Jo tried to tell herself that it was all in her head.  She was imagining all of this.  She was sitting on her step at the caravan looking at the stars imagining a wonderful adventure where she was the main character like the girl who looked into the mirror and went through it to the other side into a magical world.  Certainly all of a sudden she found herself in a place she never imagined, but it was not a dream.  She found herself surrounded by the most incredible characters that truly fascinated her.  She spent her evenings surrounded by beautiful lights, Verity had decorated the boat with fairy lights so that every night when they sat out on the deck together, they were surrounded by hundreds of tiny gentle lights that glowed in the dark of the sea and sky.  It made everything feel so much more calm and peaceful.  Jo imagined that she was sitting on a star herself in outer space, floating through the air from planet to planet travelling around the galaxy.  It was not difficult to believe when she looked around her and up into the night sky at the millions of stars.  What a truly astounding world this is.  It is unbelievable how simply extraordinary it is, Jo thought.  The earth when you sit still and look around yourself exists in this magical way all of the time, how lucky Jo was to realise this, she knew that, she knew that some people did not see it that way.

When Verity was sitting at her desk telling Jo about the world before the lights went out, she described how people had lived in cities and could go months and even years or their whole lives without looking around themselves at the earth in its natural form and appreciating it.  Verity said that some people could not see beyond their own chin, or was it nose?

Jo looked out to sea and imagined what other lands were out there, she thought about trekking through rain forests and swimming in cold water lakes.  She pictured herself riding on a river in a raft, she pictured herself climbing in trees and walking along sandy beaches, she imagined climbing a huge mountain and reaching the clouds.  She could see herself reaching the top of the mountain and looking all around her at how small all of the buildings looked from above.  How could you not look around yourself and appreciate how large the earth was and how small human beings were?  From up high, or from out at sea, you could not see even one of them they were so tiny.  There could be 70 million of them in one country at a time, all standing together and you would not see them from space.  They would not simply not be there.

Jo pulled the duvet she had around her, she could feel the wind picking up but she did not want to go inside yet, she wanted the night to last as long as possible because she wanted to feel this way forever.  She wanted to press pause, so that she could feel this anticipation, this wonder at the world and at what was to come next.  There was so much unknown, there was a whole other country, a whole other land to explore.  She tried, but she was not sure she could envisage quite how green this country would be.  Verity tried to describe the countryside and how she used to walk through country paths as a girl in the summer and she would be surrounded by hundreds of shades of green.  She told Jo how the green of the grass was a lime green, but that the particular shade would change depending on whether there was a cloud over the sun or what times of the year it was.  She said one field itself could be many different shades of green depending on the light and the wind never mind the different colours and hues of the greens of the trees and the forests.   All Jo could do was dream about it and she did most nights.  Sometimes she dreamt about it so vividly that she was almost sure she had been there before, she could see it.  It did not look like a drawing or a painting, or something her mind had created.  She could see fields of grass and forests of trees all around her.  She could feel the cold wind on her face making her cheeks go red, she could smell the life of the plants around her, she could feel the freshness of the air in her lungs, but never in her life in Australia had she experienced those things.  Perhaps her imagination was so good or Verity’s descriptions so vivid that she could create the experiences in her mind.  She would perhaps be able to tell better when she got there, if she had never been there before, surely nothing in her imagination could ever match the reality of it.

Finally Verity called for everyone to go back downstairs into the cabins.  Jo was beginning to feel sleepy now, and she could feel her eyes getting heavy.  The boat was rocking from side to side gently, the motion lulling her to sleep.  She said her goodnights and went to bed, to dream of lands she had never set foot on and people she had never met.

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