There are some things I believe and some things I know

There are some things in life I believe and some things I know. I know that there is pain and suffering in this world and I know that there always will be, for me, for you and for every other soul.  I know that I feel that pain and that suffering, but can never take it away, not from me or from you or from anyone else, but as long as my soul is aware I will want to.  I know that there is hate and greed and violence in the world and that time and time again there will be injustice.  I know that every time that happens I will feel anger and pain and I will struggle to accept why it happened.  I know that there will be loss, that there will be death and that every time I lose someone, I will suffer and feel pain, even when it is expected and even if I believe that death is not the end.  I know that no matter what I believe, whether I have faith in one god, ten gods, or none at all, I will feel that pain.  I know that every other being in the world feels that pain.


I know that I will survive that pain.   That other people will survive that pain.  I know that there are some things in life you can change and some things you can’t.  If you can’t change it you must accept that it is a part of your life and you must believe that there is a reason for it.  If you do not believe there is a reason for the pain, the pain will be all there ever is.


I believe we all feel the same pain and the same suffering because we are all the same.  We are all connected to the same particles of energy that make up everything in the world which is why I know what your suffering feels like, which is why I can feel compassion for you, not sympathy, compassion.  This is why I feel pain when I see another human being suffering, why I feel pain when I see an animal suffering, why I feel pain when I see plants and trees and wildlife suffering and why I feel my planet suffering.  I believe that everyone feels this but most people are not aware of it.


When you realise that all the suffering in the world is the same as your own, you realise that it is this bond that ties us all together, and that all that can be left is to feel compassion and understanding for yourself and for everyone and everything else in the world and that somehow when you realise that and you feel that, it makes the suffering different.  It stops being something that you try to escape, to run from or to fight.  It changes from suffering into love and it enables you to feel such love for your whole world and everyone in it that it turns something awful into something good.  It brings us together, and we are kinder to each other because of it.  It makes us do incredible selfless amazing things.  It makes us take risks and make sacrifices.  It makes us humble and caring.  It makes us good and decent.  There would be no opportunity to be any of these wonderful things if there was no pain and no suffering.  Stories would have no heroes.  No incredible beings who face adversity and death and loss and helplessness and keep going on along journeys so hard most people would not even have started.  They keep going because they know the pain and suffering, they push on because they have lost, not because they were born brave, but because they learned to be brave by facing another day after losing things they love.  These stories are no different than the journeys we all go through in life.  I know that facing all that pain and suffering in whatever form it takes in your life and still going on is heroic, is amazing.  I know that the only reason anyone would continue on and keep going is because whether they admit it or not, they believe in something other than nothing.


I believe in everything.  I believe in myself, in my fellow human beings, I believe in my planet and my universe and a divine presence of light that makes everything I perceive appear in front of my eyes.  I believe that my perception of life is defined by the choices I make every second of every day, starting with how I choose to see my thoughts, myself, my surroundings and the other people in my life.  My experience of my life is defined by my understanding of what is around and inside of me.  That changes and grows and lives and dies like the roots of a tree.  I believe that there is beauty all around me, and that there is ugliness all around me, that what I will see is a choice, like the choice between seeing the frightening black abyss of nothing encapsulating everything in the night sky or the infinite number of brilliant white dazzling lights of the stars that are more magical than the most delicate, prettiest fairy lights of my imagination.  I know that I would not see the stars if it were not for the dark matter, and I want to see the stars.  I would not see the love if I did not see the suffering.  I believe that you should accept this.  I believe that you should accept that there will always be both, good and bad, dark and light, love and suffering.  I believe that you should accept that there will always be both, but I also believe it is your duty to yourself as a human being to do whatever you can to ease suffering and to share love.  If you see the stars and someone does not, point them out, describe them the way you see them and remind the person of the light.  If you see someone who has had no love, remind them what that is, smile, be kind, be understanding.  Recognise someone who is suffering, know that you may not be able to help them, but try.  You may not help them instantly, but they will always remember the people who were kind to them, and if enough people show them love, they will start to believe it.  You cannot fix all the problems of the world, but you can learn to understand it, you can fix yourself and by example show other people how to do the same.


I know that I will carry on with my life despite that pain,  that all the other people in the world will keep living every day with that pain, one day after another, one step at a time.


I believe that there is something else after you die.  I believe that my life means something.  I believe that there is a divine power that is in everything and everyone from the stars to me.  I believe that my soul is something which can never die and that has never not existed.  I know that I have felt pain and I know that I will feel it again.  I know that in this life there is love, that I am loved, that I love, that I will be loved and that I will love again.

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