Mutants and Hybrids: What is the Human Part?

One part human.  What part is human?  What is the defining feature that makes a human being distinct from an animal, distinct from a living organism, distinct from an object made up of matter?

I guess everyone would have chosen either their mind or their head but is your mind really a part?  I am going to picture a hybrid with other human features, because the thought is deliciously funny and thought provoking.

What if I chose to be one part human hand and two parts Iphone?  I wonder what part of the Iphone would be missing, if one part was human hand.  There would be no need for the full human, the Iphone and hand could exist and function perfectly without any other human part.  It could text and search the internet, it could go on Facebook, it could write my posts on WordPress.  Would the hand have a mind though?  Would it be able to function?

What if I chose to be two parts chair and one part human head.  People could come and sit with me for dinner and we could have the most eloquent conversations and eat the most beautiful cooked meals.  I would never have to work, or earn money, or go to the supermarket, or cook.  I would simply wait at the table for someone to join me and they would be so fascinated by their talking chair that they would feed me food and drink and talk to me.  I wonder if they would take me on trips or to dinner at other people’s houses.  I wonder if sometimes we could sit in the garden and have lunch al fresco.  I wonder if they would wash my hair and if the hair would still grow.  Would my lips get chapped?  Would they put makeup on me if I asked kindly enough?  I wonder if anyone would sit on me and whether I would feel it, or if it would only be my nose that would hurt if it was squashed.

What if I chose to be two parts tree and one part human heart.  Would I feel love and sadness and pain and never be able to express it?  Would I mourn the branches that fell off and the leaves that died?  Would I appreciate the beauty of my leaves as they turn orange and dance in the air to the ground?  Would I feel the fresh wind and feel at peace?  Would I feel affection for my neighbouring trees and plants?  Would I be grateful for the wind and the rain that seeped into my bark and made me grow taller, would I be thankful for the sun for keeping me alive?  Would I wonder at the graceful flight of the birds all around me and marvel at the blue sky and fluffy clouds? Would I look at the tree growing next to me, spawned from my own seed, would I feel love for it, would I feel pride? Would I spend hours contemplating who made me and how I got to be a tree?



What part is the human part of me?

4 thoughts on “Mutants and Hybrids: What is the Human Part?

  1. I love you’re style. Very nice work turning he question from what will the inhuman parts be to what will the human part be. Loved it.


  2. The human part. Love- but swans love, and dogs love.
    Creativity- but see the experiments with crows solving puzzles.
    Endurance, and the tortoise beats the hare.

    What is the Earthly part?


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