List Lesson: Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge – You’ll Do It!

List Lesson

This week, girl in the hat writer Anna Fonté challenges you to write a list that transcends its orderly or numbered format.

Being a typical Capricorn, lists are my thing, so asking me to write a list for a post is like asking me to drink tea (it takes a certain amount of preparation, but it’s a daily ritual that gives great satisfaction).

So I happily share with you:-

Verity V’s Bucket List

  • Go to southern Ireland (country)

Only across the water and I have never been – definitely a must for this year.

  • Go to the Edinburgh Festival

Only up the road and I have never been, I am ashamed to be Scottish and to have never been HOWEVER I am going with a travelling friend in August so I would usually mark this yellow because steps have been made to cross it off.

  • Go to a Burlesque Club

Writing this, I realise I have been to a vintage burlesque ball and I am not sure if that counts or not, so I will have to go to a proper Burlesque club as well.

  • Go to the Opera

Pretty self explanatory (again not sure why I haven’t been but really this is the purpose of these lists – to give you a kick up the ass and get it done!)

  • Go to the Ballet

Pretty much same as above – no excuses for not having been really.

  • Go to the Highlands

I haven’t been away up to the very top and I must!

  • Ice skate at George’s Square

Now, this is a very simple, inexpensive one and I go to Glasgow at Christmas every year, but for some reason it keeps evading me!  Last Christmas I was determined and when we went there was a four hour wait and I couldn’t wait.  Definitely this year.

  • Get writing published


This is something that I have added recently since I discovered what I want to do with my life.  Technically I could probably cross it off because posting on wordpress counts as publishing (ask Short Story Competition Editors).  It has been added to the top because it is what I am concentrating on most at the moment and it is what will hopefully allow me to start travelling and cross off the rest of my bucket list.

  • Go to New York at Christmas and New Year

This is definitely very near the top of my list and I am hopeful that I will go this year!  In fact, I think I will start saving for this in June.

  • Go to London

Again, only a train ride away really and people you meet when travelling cannot believe you are from the UK and have never been to London (again I have always meant to!).

  • Learn to play guitar

I did buy a guitar and started learning last year.  I can play one whole song, but I sing this song very badly (my sister confirmed it).  I will persevere.

  • Play the guitar and sing a song in public

I am not sure when I will have the skills or the opportunity for this, but I am sure doing it around a campfire could count as public, right?

  • Go to Tibet

I so, so, so want to go to Tibet and do a yoga and meditation course (my friends and family are all worried about this one – they think they will never see me again).

  • Go on the trans Siberian railway and go to Russia

Not really sure why, but again, always wanted to do this.  I do love snow, which is why I would love to go to Russia.  Also you can get a train from Russia to China and from China to Tibet – I did plan this at one point, but not got round to it yet!  This one will require time and money.

  • Camp out at the beach

Again pretty simple, but just never had the opportunity.

  • Go to France

I am ashamed I have never been to so many places in Europe, but I will, I will, I still have a long time yet (but they tell you not to say that right?)

  • Go to Italy

As above.

  • Go to Japan

Met some Japanese people travelling Australia and they were all awesome!  Japan is an absolute must – especially Kyoto.

  • Go to Uluru

I did it.  I did it!  This was a great experience (but an expensive one).  If you have never camped out in a swag under the stars, you really must – especially out there in the centre, I could barely get to sleep at night for lying looking at the stars in complete wonder.  Uluru was impressive, but I enjoyed the walk through Kings Canyon much better.

  • Go to Australia

I did.  I did it!  I left it all and went travelling in Australia for two years – was by far the best decision I ever made and it gave me a wanderlust that will never leave me.

  • Drive along the Great Ocean Road

I did.  I did it!  Absolutely beautiful drive.  This was on the list at a time when I was still learning to drive and I am so glad I passed in time to drive along it!

  • Ride a motorbike

I did.  I did it! I have been a passenger on a motorbike for one thrilling ride going at over 100 mph and rode a small motorbike on a cattle station (not for very long).  I also adored driving a moped around Pai in Thailand, one of my absolute favourite times travelling.

  • Swim in the great barrier reef

I did.  I did it! I so nearly never did this because again it was so expensive, but I am so glad I did.  Floating over the reef was like spying on nature’s biggest, most wonderful secret – swimming above reef sharks, turtles, little nemos and thousands of other fish and marine life – nothing like it.

  • Go to the Isle of Skye

I did.  I did it!  This went on my list not long after I got back from Australia because I realised how little of my own country I had actually seen.  Handsomely rugged place, I would recommend you visit it for a couple of days if you make it to Scotland (and you should).

  • Go to German Markets in Christmas

I did.  I did it! Again another wonderful experience – I would go to a European Christmas Market every year (I maybe wouldn’t go on a coach there again though, but it is all experience).

  • Sky dive

I did.  I did it! I did this on my 30th birthday and I can assure you, this was the most terrifying thing I have ever done.  I screamed murder on the way out of the plane, I have never experienced terror like it.  Again, I am glad I had the guts to do it, but I can honestly say, I have no desire to ever do it again!


There are so many, many more things that I want to do now that I read it again – that is the problem:  once you start doing these things, you just think of more and more and more.  I would highly recommend writing one – it doesn’t need to be as adventurous as mine, it just needs to be what you want to do.

Do one for this challenge if you haven’t thought of what to do yet – and ping it here and let me read it.  I love reading other people’s Bucket Lists.

And if you don’t think you can do it – read this poem which I adore and I am going to read every time I think I cannot do it.

If you want anymore Inspiration check out my Inspiration page which is all the Pinterests I collect to keep me motivated!

Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing
      That “cannot be done,” and you’ll do it.

8 thoughts on “List Lesson: Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge – You’ll Do It!

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  6. I am nodding so much in agreement here I am almost dizzy! Tibet is a dream destination. Such an inspiring list to read. Hope you enjoy the Fringe Festival this year. The brochure looks terrific.


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