Letting Go of the Chains

Everyone is born into an existence, into a class, be it third world, lower class, middle class, higher class or elite.  In these classes there are a set of social rules, a way of living, a standard, a normal way.  It is not only rules, written or otherwise, that you must live by, it is an ethos, a way of thinking, a belief system.  It shapes your opinions and the things you say, the way you feel and within it you feel like your social class is the only one that matters, the most important one and the people from other classes are either alien to you, or your enemy.  Because the other people in your class think the same as you, you think your way and their way is the right way and the only way to see things.

The challenge for every soul is to recognise that these rules and these beliefs are not necessarily true to you.  There is another voice, another way of thinking and feeling, that is true to your true self.  You find it when you are lost, when nothing makes sense to you, when you can’t see the worth or point in your existence.  You hear it when you read or hear certain things and a voice says: “Although this complies with everything that I have been taught, something is very wrong about it.”  You read a newspaper article that is supposedly telling you facts, and although no one has told you otherwise and you have no evidence, you cannot bring yourself to believe that it is true.  That is when you begin to realise that none of what you learned within your social structure is actually what you think or what you believe and you begin a journey to break away from the class that you were brought up within.  You start to break those rules and you say to yourself: “I don’t want these things that my class says I should want.  I don’t want to live by these rules.  I know that separating myself from any human being by class, wealth, colour or country is wrong and although it complies with the rules of my society, it breaks the rules of my own spiritual self”.

You find an energy then, a drive, because when you realise this: when you start listening to your own voice, you see your society as it really is, an idea, an illusion.  You see the boundaries that surround it and only then can you understand that actually, there are no boundaries.  You can go anywhere, do anything and live in any way you want.

You can let the illusion of the chains surrounding you dissolve and you become a part of everything else instead.

You can start by breaking the rules in the smallest of ways.  Simply by saying something other than what is expected, you start to say what you really feel, what you really think.  You don’t like something just because everyone else likes it, you look it, you read it and you make your own decision about it how you feel about it and you are not afraid to say it.  The confusion on people’s faces when you do this is worth it alone.  You start doing things on your own that you never would have before.  You see the limitless potential of the universe and you realise you can do whatever you want.

You can stop talking as though there is nothing you can do about your poverty and the life you were given to start your journey and you can start to say: “You know what, I refuse to accept this.  I will be better.  I will get out of here” and you will say it enough that you will begin to see the opportunities all around you that you never noticed before.  You will stop blaming other people for the circumstances of your existence.  You will look at the people around you and say: “I will be the one that is different”.  You will work at this while everyone else is trying to numb their existence with pointless activities that placate them.  You will strive while others will complain.  You will dream while others will wish.  When you achieve it, others will be inspired and your success in life will begin to awaken them because they will begin to understand.  If they don’t, they will say: “She/he was always different”.  They will separate themselves from you and be sad or angry or envious because they see something they would like to be, but they don’t see that that potential is within them also.

This is true not only for the poorer classes, but for people from every class.  This realisation can happen to everyone, wherever they are from and however they were brought up.  You might have all the wealth in the world but you still feel emptiness, a void, an alienation from the rest of humanity.  You look around yoursef at all the things you have and you think about everything you have been taught and you feel like somehow it is not real.  You feel like how you are with people is an act and that sometime soon, everyone will realise this and turn their backs on you.  When you are on your own you might feel like there is always something missing, you know you are lucky and that you should be happy with your life, but there is a lonliness, a sadness that you cannot shake.  You feel angry because it all just seems like a big fraud.  It is all put on for the benefit of other people.  You don’t know why but you look around you and you begin to hate everything and everyone you see.  You wonder why they can’t see the irony in it all.  You are disgusted by the pure banality of it all.  You feel like you can’t breathe or stretch out or let go.  You feel like a tight fist and the fingers are starting to cramp.  You need to do something loud to wake everyone up.   You want to scream.  You go off the rails.  You break every rule that you can see.  You strip yourself bare and you have to create yourself all over again.

You now know pain and shame and desolation.  You are different.  You will continue to break the wrong rules until you recognise that those rules that are not written down, those ones that condition people’s thoughts and make them push down their feelings are really the ones that need to be broken.  You see another way to be.  You leave this social existence behind and you go out into the world.  You travel, you meet people from different countries, different backgrounds and you see yourself in these people who on the surface are nothing like you.  Without family, social circles, knowledge of wealth or parents or friends, you are finally able to be who you really are.  People are interested in talking you just because you are a new face with a new story.  You are on your own and all you need is people to be kind to you and you always find people who are.  You learn about other people’s lives, you learn to love these other people that you will only spend a very small part of your life with.  You do things you’d never dreamed of doing before.  You learn what is actually necessary to survive.  You run out of money, you have to work just to eat and have somewhere to sleep.  You look around yourself and you actually see the earth you inhabit and you remember it is beautiful.

You may go home and resume your life, but you have changed, you see things differently now.  You say things that challenge how things are right now and know that they can and must change.  Your friends are unsure of how to deal with this change.  The ones that matter will adapt to you.  They learn to love this side of you because they will see you smile and be light in a way you were never able to be before.  You challenge the way people think, you speak out, you make different decisions, you believe in yourself and you go for what it is you really want from life.  It will seem quite a subtle change to other people, however inside a completely new person has emerged, one that knows who he or she is and who is not afraid to say what she or he thinks and one who finally understands and hears her on rules.

Then you will be free and you will continue on your journey with the purpose of truly living and loving life and everything and everyone in it.

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