The Liebster Award

Can’t believe it!  Nominated for the Leibster Award again – thank you so much Susan Ddhavle at  Searandyellowleaf.  If you haven’t done so already, please check out her blog.  It is a very honest and heart felt blog about her life taking care of her mother.  I am addicted to it, she has such a gentle, compassionate voice, I almost feel like I can hear her speaking in her posts.  Since I was awarded just the other day, I am not going to nominate again (it would take me a few hours to find another new 11 blogs that I genuinely like and although that is always worthwhile and a great way to find new blogs to follow, I am going to spend the time posting blogs tonight).  I will however answer the questions because I love these questions!!!

1. How difficult is it to think up eleven questions?

I actually found it quite easy – I am an avid questioner (just ask my sister) and I love all those little things about people you find out by how they answer the questions.

2. Did you grow up close to grandparents?

I did grow up very close to both my mother and my father’s parents and loved them all dearly.  They were all very different from each other, but I guess the thing with grandparents is you never ever doubt the love they have for you (i.e. they let you away with murder).  Unfortunately I only have one grandfather left who is 90 and in a care home.   I have very fond memories of both by grans.  We called one big gran and one wee gran, because my dad’s mother was tiny, we used to go to her house for lunch every day during primary school and she also babysat for us, we used to love dressing up in her clothes and we used to sneak chips from the chip shop into the room and race to finish them before she noticed.  We used to visit big gran every week (she wasn’t big, just bigger than wee gran) and I used to nearly always ask her to make pancakes.  When we stayed at her house, we slept in my mum and her sister’s old room (my aunt Moira who also unfortunately died many years ago) and when I was really young, I remember there was a big Peter Pan poster that I loved.  When she babysat us she used to make us rolls cooked in the oven with butter and she used to tell us stories at bedtime that she made up.  I think about them often.  Once I got reiki practised on me by a friend and when I drifted off, I saw the two of them smiling at me and it made me cry.  I am not sure if that is normal but it was nice.

3. What is your favourite film?

Oh I hate and love this question because I adore films and there are so many to choose from!  One I love is actually a silent movie that we watched at university where I studied Cinema and Cultural Studies called “Seventh Heaven”. It is basically the first melodrama and has influenced every romantic drama since.  The chemistry between the two leads and their acting is superb and it is really romantic.  It is well known within cinema studies, but obviously few people will have seen it because it is a silent movie and so old!  I just discovered there that there was a remake of it with Jimmy Stewart so I will have to check that out!

4. Do you spend too much time online?

Probably.  I have to reel myself in when I get carried away with things.  I spend most of my time online reading and writing.  When I think am I spending too much time on it, I think to myself, what else would I be doing, what is everyone else doing? Unfortunately in the society I live in, the answer to both questions would be watching television, so on that note I absolutely know that reading and writing is much better for me.  What I don’t do is turn down seeing people or doing other things, like running, walking or going places because although I sometimes feel like staying in and writing, it is important to experience life as well!


5. Where is your favourite famous monument and what is it?

I am not sure I have a favourite monument to be honest, I don’t visit any regularly.  I like looking at them when I am in new places.  Actually I love the monuments in graveyards and my favourite graveyard is the Necropolis in Glasgow.  How funny – I never thought I would be saying “my favourite graveyard is” in a sentence ha!

6. Do you like to remember friends’ birthdays?

Oh yes, I like to at the very least send them a message on their birthday, and I get a present for my close friends and celebrate it with them.

7. Do you vote in elections?

I do always try to vote.  I think people fought a great deal to have the right to vote and we should use that.  I understand the same inequalities and injustices still exist within a democracy (I believe that is just the nature of the world unfortunately – ying and yang)  but I believe I should have an input in who gets put into power, because there are lesser evils in politics.

8. What is your favourite breakfast dish?

For a treat – poached eggs, smoked salmon and advocado.  Daily, sultana bran.

9. What is your favourite non-primary colour?

Very deep, dark purple.

10. Have you ever been on a cruise in a ship?

I have been on an overnight ferry to Amsterdam which was cruise like.  The room had no port hole or window which I hated but the food was quite good and I found it thrilling to look at the open sea in the middle of the night.

11. What do you think you excel in?

I think I do excel in my job as a PA.  I am very good at organising other people!  I am a good people person.

Thanks again Susan!  It always makes me so happy when someone appreciates my writing.


5 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Hearty Congratulations!! This is great to hear more from you. I never thought of putting avocado with salmon and eggs, it sounds delicious!! I am also a big fan of Jimmy Stewart. I also think that a necropolis can be so full of art, the memorials are so decorative.

    Here’s to you and wishing your blog lots of success!


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