Daily Prompt: Born to Be With You


I met my best friend when I was four years old.  We were in primary one and she moved to my home town from another and started school a little later.  As soon as she appeared in my class I decided that she had to be my friend.  It is one of my earliest memories.  She always says she doesn’t remember this, but I went to great efforts to get her to like me.  I used to put presents on her desk and remember giving her a WWF wrestling card that we were all collecting at the time.  She accepted my friendship and from then on all throughout primary school and high school we were best friends.  People used to ask if we were sisters, we looked nothing like each other, but I think we were with each other so much that we began to mirror each other.  Quite simply we could never spend enough time with each other.  We used to spend all day at school with each other and then talk on the phone for an hour when we got home.  My mum used to always say, “What can you possibly still have to talk to her about?”.  The truth is there has never been a quiet moment when the two of us are together, because we never run out of things to talk about.

Her house when we were children and her house now with her own family is my happy place.  The reason I love her so much is that she loves me unconditionally.  She may not like all the things I do in life, but she never judges me and she never questions me.  The most she will ever say is “Oh V” if I tell her something she doesn’t like.  I know however undoubtedly that she will always be on my side, no matter what, and she will always be there for me.  She is an innocent person, still as an adult she is that way.  She is cute and funny and charming and everyone loves her.  She is that girl.  She is also beautiful and I have to admit I did envy her a little at school because all the guys fancied her.  She met her husband when we were in primary school and although I found the period when they started getting serious very difficult because he was taking my best friend away from me, now I love him as much as her.

Our lives are different now.  She has a young family and has been a stay at home mother for the past seven years while I have been the wanderer, the lost soul and the alternative auntie.  It took a lot of work when she had a young family to stay in each other’s lives, but we never gave up on our friendship however many weeks in advance we had to plan nights together.  Now one of my favourite things to do is to go to her house on a Friday night, play with her kids and drink wine with her and her husband.  We have been best friends for 27 years and her dad always calls me his third daughter.  I am so luck to have her in my life and to have had her in my life when I was younger.  She has always been the light in my dark and being around her always makes me feel happier.  I tell her this often now and after every phone call we say “love you” when we say goodbye. She will always be the one constant good thing in my life and I am forever grateful to myself for choosing her as a best friend, it was the best decision I ever made.



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Born to Be With You

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