Daily Prompt: Talking in Your Sleep


I am about to stretch the rules of this prompt because what this made me think of is not overhearing a conversation, but about something I used to do with my sister when I was young.

I have always been from a very young age, a film fan.  I got two things from my parents, a love of film from my mother and a love of music from my father.  My mum used to let us watch all sorts of strange and wonderful films and we often watched old black and white movies with her. 

There were however films that we were not allowed to stay up to see.  With my interest in film, my mother always let me know which film she had rented from the video store and sometimes it was just too intriguing for me.  Myself and my sister used to wait until my mum was out of the living room and my dad was either also out or sleeping and we would sneak behind the couch until she came back in and put on the film.  We were deadly silent and were able to stay behind the couch for long periods of time without being noticed. 

I remember distinctly crouching behind the couch with my nightie on and my sister behind me, the jagged carpet irritating my knees.  I was thrilled at watching something I was not supposed to and at doing something I was not supposed to. 

One particular film I remember sneaking in to watch was “What’s Love Got to Do With It” the story of Ike and Tina Turner.  It was a very violent, adult movie and I remember we managed to see most of it but got caught out about three quarters of the way through.  It was probably my sister’s fault, she didn’t have the enthusiasm or the attention span that I had.

It reminds me of a poem I wrote back then (I would have been younger than 10)

My mum watches old movies, mostly late at night.

While dad sits with his earphones on and the kids put out their light.

She sometimes tapes them for us and we watch them when we can,

But dad pays no attention, because he’s a music man.

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