Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams


I will give you one dream and one nightmare, both from childhood. 

In the good dream I am holding an umbrella and the wind surges upwards carrying me into the air with the umbrella, I can feel the air under the umbrella, the gravity holding us up and propelling us through the air.  It is not slow, but fast and strong, I have to hold on tight and I am in no way in control.  I am absolutely thrilled nonetheless and I am trying my absolute hardest not to let go of the umbrella and fall to the ground and I never do.  I can still feel the sensation of being in the air and flying.  It is wondrous.

In the nightmare I am in unfamiliar house that is my home in the dream.  I can see a black cab driving outside the window in the dark and I know that it is a little man with a top hat and a suit and a bald head who is looking for children and tonight looking for me.  I try to move away from the window but I cannot.  He finds me, he gets me and he takes me to a big white room where there is a huge spinning disc with a sharp edge that people are walking towards in a trance.  They are walking to their death.   I am the only one running around trying to avoid the disc and the hand of a giant that is trying to push me towards the disc where I too will be slaughtered.  I always woke up before the hand could get me into the disc, terrified.

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