The Sound of Silence: Can You Imagine It?


They say that the main difference between animals and humans is that animals are not aware of themselves and are not aware that they will die.  It is said that this is a great burden for human beings.  This awareness means a life full of emotional suffering, psychological pain and fear of death.  What if you choose not to see it that way, but to see it another way?

A sheep might run around a field in the middle of the countryside, but it cannot look around at the landscape and the sky and understand that it is beautiful.  A bird may fly through the air with grace, but it cannot feel the excitement, the freedom and the sheer wonder of flying.  It may sit in a tree, but it does not see how intricate and wonderful the tree is.  The tree itself is life, but it does not look at its branches and feel proud of them, it cannot admire the colour of its leaves or feel the peace in its swaying branches.

A lion may run for miles at great speed, but it does not feel accomplishment in doing so.  It does not feel a sense of achievement that it has provided food for itself and its children.

A seagull may fly continually over the ocean and dive into its waters for fish, but it does not notice how the sun makes the water glitter nor feel refreshed by the sea air.  It does not look out at the sun setting into the sea and feel inspired.

A cat may purr and let you pet it, it may fall asleep in your lap, but it does not know that it loves you.  A dog may wag its tail and give you attention when you return from work, but every day while you are away it does not know that you will return and it does not know that it can expect that happiness again.

Imagine not knowing that you were going to die, imagine believing that this existence will all there will ever be and that it will never end.  How could you appreciate the life that you have, how could it feel special?  How could you experience the wonder of being alive?

Imagine never looking around and noticing your surroundings and the beauty in them.

Imagine no thoughts or feelings, no narrative to understand life, no words and no stories. Imagine instead silence.  It is dark is it not?

4 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence: Can You Imagine It?

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