I am contradiction



I am good, I am kind and I am spiritual.  I practice, compassion, yoga and meditation yet I have been bad, I can be reckless and I drink, I fantasize, I desire.

I am honest, trusting and reliable but I have lied and I may let you down.

I see the beauty of the world and I love it but I am aware of the potential for evil in the human condition and it makes me hate.

I am feminine, cheerful and charming yet I have balls and intelligence and opinions.

I am welcoming and friendly and fun but I am intense and strange and frightening.

I will gladly invite you into my world and like you and love you but I will easily leave you to yours and wave you goodbye.

I am light and dark, empty and full, beautiful and ugly, content and longing, different and the same, wonderful and ordinary.  I am life.  I cannot exist without these contradictions.  I can acknowledge and accept or deny and fight my own self.  I choose to let myself be good and bad, always looking for the good and forgiving of the bad, in myself and in others.

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