Daily Prompt: Money for Nothing – Inspiring the World or Sinful Pleasure Seeker


I think I will describe two things, one the dream that I hope to achieve and two the fantasy that I know will not happen in this life (due to things such as a lack of actual talent and an issue with gender).

In this life, I would like more than anything else in the world to be paid to write and travel.  I don’t particularly want to write about travelling, I want to write about life.  I guess if we are talking in my wildest dreams, I would like to write a book that is made into a movie and be involved in making the movie and appear in it as a cameo.  I want to make enough to be able to not have another job.  I want to own a home without a mortgage and to buy everything with my own money without having any kind of credit or debt.  I want to inspire people to do the same, I want to influence people in a positive way to help them believe that they too can achieve their dreams.  I want encourage at least some people to learn how to be truly happy.  I want to travel around the world and meet people from every country and experience a million adventures.  I want to be able to travel at any time to any place.  I want to write a trilogy, an autobiography and publish many short stories.  I want to create something that makes people see the world in a different way and that helps them to stop putting so much pressure on themselves all the time about the wrong things.  I guess I have strayed from the job to life but I guess that is the point.  At the moment I see my job and my life as two very different things.  I have a good secure job with people I like that I am able to do well.  However to me, it only a job and it is not what I see as defining who I am.  My writing defines who I am, the things I say and think, the things I create, the story I am writing.  These things are my life and I would like to take out the work and live my life all the time – that would make me truly happy.  I don’t necessarily want to be a millionaire and I don’t want to sit about doing nothing.  I want to do something I love and get paid for it, I want to be in a position to help other people and give to charities and do volunteer work around the world.  That is what I want in this life.  I know, I know I want a lot however I am coming to a different understanding about life and that is that you are the only thing that is capable of stopping you achieving your dreams.  It is perfectly within my capabilities to achieve this.  I just have to believe I can, work hard and jump on any opportunities that come along.  You might say that I would have to know I am a good writer, however that is not necessarily the case today either as many successful books have proven (I won’t mention any but there are several recent massive successes that I don’t think were particularly well written).  You just have to have a story that people will relate to and like.  Having said that I sincerely hope that I am a good writer, there is just no real way of ever knowing that.  I think it takes a very long time and huge amount of success for any writer to feel that they are actually any good and even then a lot of the time writers are aware that this piece or work or that was good, but that still probably don’t see themselves as talented writers.  Some of the best creations art, writing or otherwise just seem to come to people.  They practice something to such an extent that they do it well without thinking and then is when the magic happens.  So I want to write well and I want some magic to happen on paper and I want to be paid for it so that I can travel around the world, and I am working on it.

Now for number two – and this is where it gets exciting.  In my wildest fantasies I want to be a man and I want to be a rock star.  I want to stand on stage looking moody and gorgeous playing electric guitar like a Greek god.  I want to stand on stage and belt out songs about getting high and having sex.  I want to tour the world living in a world of complete decadence.  I want to ooze charisma and have women dropping at my feet.  I want to do whatever I feel like without thinking about it too much.  I want to throw caution to the wind and live a life of extremities and danger.  I want to have a massive big set of balls and be effortlessly cool.  I want to be in aftershave commercials looking so handsome its frightening.  I want to walk around knowing that I have life by the balls and I am playing it like an electric guitar.

There are times when I imagine this scenario as a woman and I am sorry feminists and pc police, but it is just much more awesome when I am a man.  While most women are looking at front men and thinking they want to shag them, I am looking at them thinking I want to be them.  I want to be the one up there on stage gyrating around looking like I am making love to the very air around me.  I want men to envy me and women to want me.  I want to grow old and still be handsome without worrying about wrinkles and sagging boobs.  I want to be Elvis, Johnny Cash, Adam Levine, Alex Turner, Jim Morrison, Jared Leto (who really should be given some kind of award for making it from hot actor to hot rock star), Mick Jagger (who should be given an award for still being around) Jon Bon Jovi (he was my first) Danny O’Donoghue, John Meyer, Lenny Kravitz, Pharell Williams (ok, not exactly a rock star, but definitely a god who epitomizes cool) and Brandon Flowers.  That is my wildest dream.  Thanks for giving me an excuse to look up lots of hot rock stars.  Here are a few for you too, cause I am generous like that.

Adam-Levine-900-600[1] imagesCACF2PDM imagesCAD9TM3X

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