Every now and then you get moments when you just absolutely know that you are in exactly the right place at the right time doing the right thing.  There is no quieter happy feeling like it.  You look around yourself and you smile because all of these people are meant to be around you going about their business, strangers smiling at you because you are emitting this energy from yourself that is war…m and full of light.  Other people can feel this welcoming spirit.  This often happens when you are right in the middle of something.  When you have had the guts to take a leap of faith about something that scared you and after you made that first step you are suddenly in the middle of a great adventure.  You realise your own unlimited potential and it touches everything you do and makes you see everything in a different way.  You move with grace, you glide along, every little thing you do is effortless.  The music you are listening to is just right for the occasion, it seems as if the song was written with you in mind just especially for this occasion and you find meanings in the song you had never known before.  Everything other than how you feel is trivial.  No person is able to pull you down.  You are on another level and when you are genuinely on the right path in your life you will experience many of these moments and more than that, you will be aware of them.  Keep moving until you find the right path and then keep moving.

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