DPchallenge: A Great Wave

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I feel like I am being carried along by a great wave.  I cannot seem to stop myself being pulled by it and now that I no longer try, I am no longer afraid.  The ideas in my head and the actions they lead me to take have come from that same energy that drives the wind that pushes the water down into the sea.  I cannot stop the words flowing through me and I do not want to.  I let them appear and then I let them go.

The more calm and still I make my mind, the more fluid my passage through life becomes.  When I breathe in, the ocean comes towards me and when I breathe out it blows back out into the earth, moving with me like a twin.  When I close my eyes I am forever moving forward.

I dream every night of a massive storm out at sea.  In the beginning I see the water darken below me and the waves start to rush in and out gaining momentum.  I feel before I see that the storm is coming.  The wind picks up and when I look out towards the horizon I see a giant wall of sea the height of the sky. It is surging towards me with all the strength of the earth.  I know this should frighten me but in the dream I am not frightened, I have been expecting it and I am excited when I see it coming.  Then I am in the middle of the sea on a boat and the wind is all around, circling.  There is no light but I can see that the sea has taken on a threatening colour of blue that is like thick black blue tar.  I can barely stand on the boat but I do not want to go back inside, I want to be out there with the ocean, because it pulls me to it always with a strong unseen arm, fingers creeping towards me or hands grasping up pulling me into its chest like a lover.

7 thoughts on “DPchallenge: A Great Wave

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