That one thing

What is that thing that makes some people successful and great and everything they should be?  What is that little thing that cannot be envisaged or articulated or imagined?  What is it?  What makes one person go that extra mile and do the incredible?  What is that thing that makes someone talented?  You might say it is hard work, or self-belief, or determination or will power, but it’s not that, those things are part of it, but you need that little indescribable click to do all that.  Do great people even know what it is?  Is it actually letting something go?  Acknowledging that you do so much, and the rest just happens.  Letting it free, being aware that it is not really you, it is something else, and you are merely the transporter? The host?  The conductor, the thing that through which one force of energy comes in and another comes out to creating something magical.  People do it in sport, in music, in art, in philosophy.  I don’t think that they know what it is, but I don’t think they question it.  They just let it go through them.  Sometimes they seem a bit shocked about it, like they are not sure what is happening, like when a singer sings beautifully and powerfully, they are visibly shaken after it, they can’t quite comprehend it.  The do not do it, they let it happen to them.

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