How to change the world with a thought


What if how you feel is not just something insular?  What if your feelings have a purpose other than to motivate you alone?  What if how you feel is a frequency that you omit out into the universe that other people can feel?  What if it can influence how other people feel?

Would that not explain why you can leave work in a happy mood, drive home and the minute you get into your home that mood instantly changes before anything is even said if someone at home is angry or sad?

Would that not explain why certain places have a feeling to them?  Would it not explain why at places where something awful has happened like murder or suicide it feels eery?  Perhaps it is not ghosts.  Perhaps you are feeling a frequency that was so strong and that unsettled that part of the universe so much that the feelings that resulted can still be felt years later?

Perhaps this effect that feelings have on others can shape the mood of a house or a town or a country.  The most awful thing that people say about the Holocaust is that so many people, so many good people did nothing.  Perhaps such a massive feeling of helplessness and fear came from the people who were being taken away and killed that it spread over an entire nation and made them act in ways they did not quite understand.  What if another feeling of hatred and a false sense of righteousness swept over the other half of the nation.  It is often called a wave.  What if these two feelings gripped a country and this resulted in a world war.  People visiting Auschwitz often talk of being overcome with feelings of despair and sadness.  Perhaps the feelings of those poor people hang there in the air.

Do you see then how important it is to be aware of your feelings and your ability to shape them?  Your feelings can influence others.  That gives you a power and a responsibility.

The first step to shaping them is to acknowledge all of your feelings and recognise them.  You let them appear and you look at them, especially the bad ones and the ones that hurt, the ones that you have been hiding.  By looking at them you shift the power from them to you.  Then you make a decision about how you want to feel and you make changes.  You fine tune your frequency to one that is in line with the universe.  Then on a person level everything starts to feel right but not only that, you understand why it is right which means you can continue to make the necessary changes throughout your life to stay on this frequency. 

Then you learn that your frequency has the ability to affect others and not the other way around.  So when someone is angry or sad, you acknowledge that but you choose to stay on your own frequency and you make your frequency the strongest one and then you can change theirs.

The truly great people who have existed in the world, the genius’, the visionaries, the artists and the revolutionaries have learned to be on a higher frequency.  A frequency that is so free and so in tune with the universe that they are capable of creating the way the universe creates life.  This is why some people are able to see clearly when things are wrong when the majority cannot and why they constantly challenge what is accepted by others. 

People who crave power also understand this – they want you to be on a frequency that is beneath you.  They want you to work, consume and spend money.  They want you to serve their purpose for the whole of your life.  They have created this imitation frequency that dulls your senses with marketing and advertising that make you want things you do not actually need and that are not real.  Why live the life you truly want to live when you can buy a simulated copy from them to give them money to live the life they want to life.  You can live your whole life doing that and never truly know what really living your own life is.  That is not what the universe wants so it gives you hints and shows you how truly magnificent it can be and if you follow these little clues you can begin to understand and recognise the real frequency of the universe. You can see your world and surroundings as truly wonderful in every single moment.  You learn to love those moments.  Then, only then are you truly living your own life the it is meant.  Then you can fight those people who are trying to control you with every single thought.  Then you can inspire other people to do the same and together you can change the world.

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